A.H.’s parents hired me to help A.H. with college planning. After a review of her college list, I suggested completely modifying the list. She initially selected mostly public in- and out-of-state universities. I shared with her that based on her high achievements and parent’s income bracket, she would be better off applying to selective private colleges. In the beginning, she was intimidated by the prestigious rankings and extremely high cost of attendance. She simply didn’t believe she could make it there, and even if she did, she was terrified of becoming a financial burden to her parents. After completing the college applications, essays, and financial aid applications, A.H. was admitted to all of her college choices. Most of them even offered to pay her to attend their institution. If she stayed with her original college list, her parents would have borrowed $40,000 a year. The comparison is $120,000 in debt vs $300,000 in scholarships/grants.