“We highly recommend Destination College as your college advisor. My son worked with Lora. She navigated us through the complicated (new to my family) process of the college admission in a few meetings and monitored my son during in-take to make sure he was making right choices. She empowered him to applied to prestige/semi-selective colleges and boosted his confidence. He was able to get to his dream colleges (!!). He got really good scholarships because Lora was advising to my son on his in-take profile and also having supporting documents to show his extra achievements. Her knowledge is exceptional in all areas. Lora is very flexible with meetings and very efficient. She truly helped my son to choose the best option for the next four years of his life and lowered the final tuition cost. I am really glad I used her services and it was stress free.
It was one of best investment decisions. Thank you Lora for all your help!”