“Working with Lora from Destination College has been nothing but complete and absolute pleasure. She is extremely knowledgeable of all the necessary steps in preparing for college and she has been assisting us through each and every step of that process from day one through present. Lora has guided us with properly completing the FAFSA application, all the college applications, brainstorming college essay topics, and the like. Furthermore, Lora helped my son explore other potential major interests that we were not aware of which were a great fit for my son. With Lora’s assistance we applied to approximately 7 Universities and my son was accepted to all of them. After my son was accepted and received the financial aid packages from all the schools, Lora guided us through the examination of all the proposals from the financial amounts offered to the ranking of the schools and his respective major and narrowing down on what our best options are. She has also assisted us in finding private scholarships and those applications and we are now scheduled to make our decision with respect to the University selection Lora will be also helping us with selecting housing and the application for housing and meals. Simply put, Lora is beyond amazing. She has been extremely kind, caring, helpful, and wonderful in helping us navigate this difficult and stressful college preparation stage of life. I highly recommend her to all the individuals who are going to undergo college preparation or who are currently dealing with that. It really isn’t an easy task and there are so many things that most people are not aware of that could really help your child get into their dream school and in some cases perhaps even make the school more affordable. Lora has the answers to just about any questions pertaining to college and preparing for college. She has been a guiding angel for us throughout this scary and overwhelming college preparation time. I highly recommend using her services. She is absolutely and totally worth it and will not disappoint.”