“Lora is a rock star when it comes to making college affordable! We knew our daughter could theoretically get into one of the selective colleges, but there are so many students out there with equally good qualifications, so how do you set yourself apart? In our case, Lora identified that an internship would be good and suggested where to turn. Our daughter got it with a flexible schedule to fit with her other obligations. She learned a lot and her experiences didn’t just look good on her resume, but also gave her fuel for several college essays. Working with Lora at Destination College took a lot of the stress out of the process. We never needed to lay sleepless or spend hours searching the web, wondering if we did it right or not. The little tweaks we got help with are nowhere to be found as Lora applies her experience on an individual basis. Our daughter had all essays written and reviewed before senior school year started (yay!). and applied for early decision. On December 15, while her friends were still procrastinating on their essays, she was accepted into her dream school, Johns Hopkins, on full financial aid. They even pay her so she can buy her books and come home for the holidays! FAFSA and CSS profile can be daunting and it is easy to make mistakes that make you lose out on financial aid. I collect my numbers, take them to Lora and she walks me through the process and when I leave her office it is all done – with ample margin to the deadline. For busy parents, it is a no-brainer to hire Lora. Best return on investment ever!”