About Us

Choose the right college path with our team of experts. We’ll provide a customized college roadmap for a stress-free journey. We’re passionate about getting your student to their dream college without adding significant student loan debt.

About Us

Lora Georgieva, owner of Destination College, and her team have been helping students get into their dream colleges while saving families an average of $120,000+ through expert admissions guidance and extensive financial options through grants and scholarships.

Lora is a Certified College Planner since 2010, the recipient of the 2017 Influential Women in Business Award, endorsed by an Illinois congressman as his inclusive college planning resource, author of “What Others Don’t Tell You About College Planning”, and co-author of the book, “Let’s Talk About Money”.

College Planning Advisors

Destination College provides comprehensive admission and financial aid assistance.

Owner, Lora Georgieva, has a bachelor’s degree in accounting with a double major in actuarial science. Her experience allows her to help hundreds of students get the financial aid they need through a careful review of their academic achievements and financial resources. Her unique skill set is an asset to all her clients.

Based in Chicago, Lora and her team work with families all across the US and worldwide to make college affordable by finding the best path to their dream college. Her team of tax, financial, and academic planning experts specializes in creating a customized guide, making sure the students are matched to the major and school of their interests, and the parents can comfortably afford it.

Her college planning book, free online resources, an extensive network of college consultants and advisors, and thorough review process are the reasons why parents use her for every college-bound child in their family.

College Admission and Financial Aid Consultants

The advisors at Destination College work with high school students to help them discover their unique talents. This allows them to:

  • Identify their desired college major
  • Match them to the most suitable colleges
  • Receive assistance in drafting an appealing admission essay
  • Find the financial resources to pay for their dream college by applying for grants and scholarships
  • Negotiate the cost of college (YES! You can negotiate!)

They also work with college students who need assistance with ongoing financial aid, lowering their tuition costs, finding internships and research opportunities, and exploring career options as they approach graduation.

College transfer students use our services to ensure their transfer application includes an accurate profile from academics to cultural/professional background, and that your school of choice is the best one for the student’s major.

Work with Experienced College Consultants

At Destination College, we have a network of tax, financial, and academic planning experts who specialize in preparing and reviewing college options, creating a customized timeline and guide, matching students to the major and school that meets their interests, and accessing financial aid so parents can comfortably afford college.

Interesting Statistics and Facts:

Destination College Average Savings Per Student: $120,000 Over 4 Years While in College

Destination College Scholarships Won: $18+ Million

5X Higher Acceptance Rate

Destination College Experience: 13 + Years of College Planning Experience, Certified College Planner since 2010, Experience In Financial and Tax Planning, Destination College Associates Include Former Ivy League Admission Advisors and Tax And Financial Planning Experts.