Transfer Students and Families

Transfer Students

Destination College provides comprehensive college planning and counseling for students and parents. Our goal is to get you to – and through – your dream college without adding significant student loan debt.

If you have decided to change your major or college, you don’t want your transfer to be overwhelming and expensive. Transferring can sometimes disqualify students from potential scholarship money and prolong receiving their degree.

We are your expert guide to assist with consultation services to help prioritize goals and provide customized solutions with proven admission and funding opportunities to get you admitted to your dream college and minimize your college costs.

College Transfer Application – Our transfer application support services ensure every candidate’s application is reviewed in the context of their unique profile and experiences. We analyze your academic standing, cultural/professional background, and the university you select to ensure your application is tailored to perfection.

Our Solutions:

  • Consultation with a College Planner
  • Creating Admission and Financial Aid Timeline
  • Major Assessment Test (determine your career choice)
  • Assistance With Recommending Activities to Boost Your Transfer Application
  • Resume Writing Assistance
  • Admission Essay and Supplemental Essays Writing Assistance
  • College Application Filing
  • College Financial Plan, Using Income and Asset Shifting Strategies to Increase Your
  • Financial and Merit Aid and Lower Out-of-Pocket Tuition Expenses
  • Scholarship Research and Scholarship Essay Assistance
  • Review of EFC Calculation (Expected Family Contribution)
  • FAFSA and CSS Profile Filing
  • Financial Aid Results Review
  • Financial Aid Appeal
  • Negotiating The Cost of College
  • Financial Aid/Admission Appeals
  • Student Loan Assistance for New Borrowers
  • Student Loan Consolidation for Existing Borrowers
  • RA (Resident Assistant) Application Assistance
  • Residency Qualification

Overwhelmed? Let Our College Advisory Team Help You!

We know there are a lot of steps, decisions, and plans to make and change on this journey. The process can be overwhelming and expensive. Our clients find that our services take away their stress and reduce the anxiety both parents and students may be feeling. Read some of our client stories here.

If your student isn’t sure what major they want to pursue or where they want to go to college, or you don’t know how you will afford college (tuition, books, living expenses, transportation, computer, etc.), we can help.

We’ve helped hundreds of worried parents successfully navigate this college journey. You deserve to be excited about the future happiness and financial security your child’s college path will take them on.

Schedule your FREE “Everything you need to know about College” consultation today and we will put your mind at ease.